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As experts in pharmacy, we are your partner for all problems that your health betreffen.Unser range is comprehensive and is based on the latest findings of modern medicine and pharmacology. Our qualified staff are actively lobbying for the concerns of patients to invite you to get to know our pharmacy and enjoying its many benefits forward to your visit.

In addition to conventional Prescriptions by the attending physician, it is also common in the United States, doctors, laboratories and pharmacies communicate directly. If the doctor orders a laboratory examination for diagnosis, the laboratory of the pharmacy can give direct instructions, and the Affected person need not audition again to the doctor. An advice to non-prescription medicines does not take place mostly in the large pharmacy chains. Some drugstores try recently with success, by paramedical staff this advice gap through a fee-based advice - mostly nurses - to close.

In Germany, medication may be sold by mail order only since of 2004. Since August 2012 also applies to foreign mail-order pharmacies, a discount ban on prescription drugs Thus the competition from abroad must comply with the German prices, previously there were up to 15 Euro discount per package possible. The Disq-authors describe the German online pharmacy market as confusing and contested, the orientation for consumers is difficult.

Through the achievements of the pharmaceutical industry late 19th and early 20th century begins a transformation of the German pharmacy. Instead of drugs produce themselves, the pharmacy concerns increasingly to examine the quality and identity of medicines and advice about drugs. Even before the pharmacy makes the digital transformation does not stop. Customers benefit from the additional supply.

Going to the pharmacy can be stressful - especially if you're sick. Save additionally much time and effort with a visit to your online order pharmacy itself. Whether sore throat, itching or stomach problems: In our Internet pharmacy you can Pharmacopoeia required order without problems without a prescription. We offer you to cheap medicines to the best conditions so that you will quickly recover.

Since mail order pharmacies not only attract Internet-savvy users, but also the elderly, the clear and uncomplicated design of the website is particularly important to make the purchasing process comfortable and smooth. The website of an online pharmacy should additionally be clear especially, so that anyone can quickly and easily click on their desired products. The net winning editorial team has therefore in the "usability tested the design of each web page and looked at whether the dealer also provide all the desirable features.

With simultaneous use of some drugs for treating depression (trazodone, paroxetine, sertraline) in some cases undesirable effects (such as z. B. nausea, vomiting, anxiety, restlessness, confusion) may increasingly occur. Editor's note: The first order from DocMorris is for new customers always free shipping! We would be pleased if you contact us or visit us in person in your Primus pharmacy.

A number of online pharmacies could convince the accurate comparison of the costs and benefits our editors. Learn how the test result (above) is composed. Now new LINDA puzzle book - Edition February - Read! From Sudoku to crosswords wait tricky tasks for you. The LINDA puzzle book you get free with us! With use of this product with other drugs No interactions have been reported so far. Caution is advised if you suffer from asthma or have had or have a gastric or intestinal ulcer in the past.

On behalf of n-tv, the German Institute for Service Quality, tested a total of 21 on-line pharmacies from March to May, 2013. Analyzes were content and security of the website and ten user testing, including telephone and email advice. We compared the drug prices and shipping costs. About the retrievable in the app function "Helpdesk is available in over 200 counselors contributed important health information from your local pharmacy. in your immediate family (parents, brother, sister) had heart disease before age 60.